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Main Filter Chemical Special for FumeCube Solder Fume Extraction Systems - 366.110544.FMC

Main Filter Chemical Special | FumeCube | Fume Extractor Accessories

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Main Filter FumeCube Chemical Special adsorbs a wide variety of gases and vapours.


AES use specialised combinations of filter media to capture particles, gases and vapours generated by industrial processes such as laser engraving, laser marking, hand and machine soldering, ink jet printing and many others. Each filter has a unique serial number and is individually tested and certified to ensure performance and safety. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter elements are precision manufactured from a pleated material that incorporates reinforcing strips which separate the pleats and help prevent airflow vibration or collapse. Additionally, air equalisation plates are used between the layers of media to further reinforce the filter housing and to distribute the airflow across the filter to ensure all of the filter media is used.
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Main Filter Chemical Special
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Tüm ESD ürünler IEC 61340 standartlarına uygundur
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